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You Know My Name 

Praise honor and blessings to the Great I am !

I thank you for finding me and saving me by the blood of the Lamb!

Because of you God I know who I am

I’ll never be the same  everything my life  is rearranged  O’ bless your Holy name

God almighty you proved strong to me in my darkest of hours

I laud your faithfulness to me in the pit where you showed me your power

I was weak and alone pitiful even but you came to  rescue me

Now that I know that you truly love me  how could I ever deny thee

For you loved me first and foremost before I knew my name

With pain I was brought forth  in this world

yet you clothed my nakedness and my shame

With Intensive care O’ God and with love that you gave me first

I know who I am

The Spirit  tells me that

I am your daughter and  by holy spirit the child you birthed

I praise you for saving me Prince of Eternal Peace

Thank you for the new name and for Loving me!

(John 10:6  Revelation 2:17 Psalms 147:4)

By ShayV

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