Prayer Soul Food With the Bread of Life

A Prayer As We Seek You in this Wilderness….

God we ask that you bring your light into the darkness of the hearts and minds of the people. We pray that as the Spirit hovered over the depths of the waters in creation that your Spirit hovers any darkness within us and birth new nature .

We thank you for your promised Spirit who empowers us and brings illumination to the   blind so that they may know and  witness the  unveiling   of the Grand revelation of Who you are- through the saving Grace of your son  Jesus the Christ.  Holy Father , You are always waiting, knocking, and  pleading that we take your hand and understand what that really means as you whisper to  new depths of your love  into our hearts.

Lord God , it is said that you have sought desperately for your people  in wildernesses by Your grand providence. We ask  in the name of your Son Jesus to,  please O’ God , not abandon the least of us in this wilderness as we seek your face.  Knowing that you hear us when we cry out to you, we cry Abba Father  please fortify us, renew us and send a refreshing of your Spirit as you lead us to the Promise and the promises you have laid upon our heart.

Help us to seek you ever nearer and to draw ever dearer to You ….

In the Name of Jesus , Amen

( Revelation 21:4 ESV;Genesis 1:2 NLT; James 4:8, Photo

By ShayVee

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