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He Could not Stay…

He said that he could not stay…

and although I cannot see  it is best this way

He says: “otherwise, how will you ever come to know the depths of my love?

and how will you ever inherit the place I have for you in the heavenly realms above?

I am  sending my  Ghost of fire

He will turn back hearts and lead you out of the mire

I will bless you and anoint you as my  daughters and sons

You royalty because of your loyalty to the Kingdom

I came to rock the nations, to change your nature,

to shape you into a new creation”

So let all the earth sing a new song for Christ our King is on the throne

and to Him we will forever sing his praises; to him, we  belong

Who can stop the Prince of Peace’s hand in this final hour?

He said he could not stay but he left us power!

So I await your return, my beloved King

to see the place you have prepared for me.

Though you must go and you cannot stay here   in this dimension and place

I hold on to your sweet promise that you are with me always now and forever into the coming Age.

( John 16:13; Psalms 96:1; 2 Corinthians 6:18,Matthew 28:20)



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