Prayer Soul Food With the Bread of Life

Daily Prayer

Heavenly Father I thank you this day . I thank you that I woke up with your Divine breath in my body and that  you spoke so that I would awaken.

Thank you that every day is a Genesis day , a day of new beginnings and a chance to watch you make all things new every day . God you are the God of mercies and with these days you bestow new mercies we have never seen.

I pray that as we breathlessly but effortlessly through faith wait to you call us to the next breath the next faith and the next glory. You rule forever O’ God in our minds and hearts.  Help us to be absorbed in your dynamic creative power and stir within us creative works for we have been made in your image Father.

We beg for dumas spawned births to new works and new creation in our own lives. We want to be as you are Father always working always creating a new thing.           O’ Jesus thank you for the blessed invitation to sit with you everyday. You are the living Word of God that breathes God’s divine instructions through the earth. Holy Spirit set us ablaze from within to speak the Word of God to create a genesis for each person on this earth who has a ear and heart toward God.

It is in the matchless name of Jesus we pray and seal this prayer in the Holy Spirit , We praise you Heavenly Father, Amen.

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