Christian Poetry and Prayers Faith Healing Prayer Reflections of an Ex-Jehovah's Witness

You Hear my Prayers

Merciful Father , when I think about the prayers of the holy ones piercing  through the  heavenly realms

I feel guarded by you and showered by your goodness as you cover me in all of life’s whims

Almighty God by my prayers you protect  me and surround me with your  celestial armies in the heavens above

Do not forsake thee O’God Please hear my cry with your ears of compassion, mercy and  of  love

Heavenly Father, may  the heavens receive our prayers to be poured out from golden bowls of incense

I stand with you in humble and contrite submission without pretense begging you for more of your presence

Loving Master, may you never forget the cry of your children and please lend your ear to their mourning

Remind us constantly of your promise that we shall live and not die and that joy comes in the morning

My Jehovah-Jireh and provider accept as my  prayers my  tears, grief and pained petition

Please rid my heart of flesh driven desires that keeps me from the Holy Spirit’s mention

You are not deaf that you do not hear , you are not blind so that you do not see

Mighty is the One I call  Protector   the One  whom receives  all the Glory

My God the  one who is attending to my every concern , all of my needs, wants and cares

He sits on the throne and  is the Hearer and Answer to all of my prayers

(Ephesians 2:6,7 ; Psalms 65:2; Psalms 30:5; Revelation 5:8)

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