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You Came for Me!

I overcome in you Jesus and  I surrender this life ,  it is no longer my own

I find joy and peace in you Mighty God and  to you I will forever belong

You found me broken , hopeless and I had no one I was all alone

desperate and abandoned ; too many bitter seeds sown

I could not save myself ,  I needed help

so you came down from your throne

You took me exactly as I was , loved me first just because

Lord, I have searched all over but I have found no greater love

Your love washed over me and I began healing

the depths of your mercy is why I began kneeling

before the King of Kings and God that never fails

I crucify myself daily with suffering of his nails

The God who rescued me from my hell;

Oh how much you love me , you took up the cross

so that I might be victorious!

I can do nothing else but praise you in the sanctuary all of my days

I will praise you in the temple courts and laud your righteous ways !




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