Christian Poetry and Prayers Faith Soul Food With the Bread of Life

The Narrow Path

via Daily Prompt: Disastrous

~~I have tried everything else but without you, everything else fails

You are a God that is protective of your children and will always prevail

I know that I can rest in you, be blessed by you, without you  I have madness

This world will soon know that you are God  and without you the world is disastrous

The times I felt helpless and all alone you came and sat by my side

you comforted me with your powerful Spirit and made all things right

You took away the confusion never left me in delusion thank you for giving me  a love so real

I am learning  to be content with my lot in life living inside of your perfect will

Precious Lord I almost did not make it  my enemies tried to take me out

I praise because you never left me even when I almost gave way to doubt

Thank you for sparing my life and taking me off the broad road to disaster

I will pursue you all the days of my life on the narrowest path because your love is what I am after !

(Matthew 7:14)


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