Christian Poetry and Prayers Soul Food With the Bread of Life

A Living Sacrifice

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance~~

Let our lives to you be a living sacrifice, a sweet smelling  fragrance to your nostrils

Let us follow the ways of  the Ancient of Days and the ways of the early apostles

Let us preach the word that You  have placed on our hearts to share with all of humankind

Let us press on undeterred; preaching the One who was raised and who is beautifully divine

Your Body was broken for us  and now we are chosen to be royalty  Jesus O’ God we praise your holy Name

You  shed your blood for us; you promised the  Spirit like a flood on us O’ Jesus for you are the Lamb that was slain

Let the meditations of our heart and of our minds be captive to you  for we have been marked by you  as your own Jesus

Let us crucify ourselves daily to  our sins to the cross that we carry for your  glory; for we have been given true freedom


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