Battling Depression Christian Poetry and Prayers Soul Food With the Bread of Life

Direct My Steps in You

I am in anguish day after day rolling and tossing about in life without direction

the light is no more and darkness is choking out my breath and  then sets in depression

I seek after your face continually longing to feel the warmth of heaven’s embrace

I long to draw nearer Lord please lift me up to see your Glory in every place

Please don’t hide from me Lord for I have drifted  to  the deepest of waters

I know that your love and concern will reach me even there my Heavenly Father

Why do you love me, God, in spite of my flaws ?

You bandage my wounds and lift me up even when I am the cause

You came down from heaven just to bring your love closer to me

You didn’t come down from the Cross so that I could remain in captivity

I want to be with you to experience the love that comes from divine connection

I need to be with you to experience the love that comes from divine protection

Show me how to count my days O’ God and  rescue me from the pit’s depths

Holy Spirit weave my hours together and in the Word please order my steps

Give me strength to  love and uphold your righteousness, laws and wise decrees

Allow me, Lord of Lords, to bask in the Light of your presence to see your Vision for me

Save me from the pit

Lord, I need your Spirit

I cannot make it without your presence

to get out of this pit I need your heavenly direction…………..





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