Battling Depression Faith

When You’re a Pastor Who Suffers from Depression-What the story of Elijah (and psychological research) tells us about how to cope.

Elijah, God’s Depressed Prophet

“In 1 Kings 19, God’s prophet Elijah is depressed. He was “just leave me to die under the broom tree” depressed. He has just experienced victory over Queen Jezebel and her crew of Baal prophets, but after all that, Elijah ran away because he feared the queen.

Elijah’s fear ran much deeper than dread of a pagan queen. At that point, Elijah had been prophesying to Israel for years and had seen no fruit, no revival in Israel, no conversion of the leadership, and no tearing down of the altars to the pagan gods.

Elijah was deeply afraid that his work was ineffective, maybe even pointless. Fearful there was no hope, Elijah fled. He fled in biblical fashion. He fled into the wilderness, the place symbolic of death, loneliness, despair, and hopelessness, a place where he declared, “I would be better off dead.”

But all those feelings of failure don’t even touch Elijah’s feelings of righteous indignation: God, I’ve done exactly what you’ve asked of me. I even asked the starving widow for food, which was very awkward, so thanks for that. And this is how it’s going to end? Withering away under a broom tree?

God eventually responded to Elijah’s needs with three forms of care, which it turns out, are increasingly supported by current research.”


  1. I often use the story of Elijah when I explain depression in the bible. Thank you for acknowledging what he did right. He ran to a place of solitude where God could minister to him. This is an example of what we should do when we experience a barren time in our lives while serving God. Get away and get with God! Love you for this! God bless you.

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