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Jesus Asks: Why Are You Bothering Her And Causing Trouble?

“But Jesus said, Let her alone;  Why are you bothering her and causing trouble? She has done a good work and beautiful thing to me”-(Mark 14:6)

Jesus is protective of those whom He calls His own. Mary (Lazarus’ sister) broke her alabaster box and when she did the fragrance filled the house. The nard that the box contained was costly and a lavish offering from Mary that cost a year’s wages!  (Mark 14:5 ) She then proceeded to worship by anointing the head and feet of our Savior. The disciples scolded the act of this woman for “wasting” the oil, saying that it should instead be given to the poor. Jesus immediately came to the defense of Mary. It seems by their response that they forgot that the essence of Jesus’ presence was more important than the poor ones that would remain once He had ascended back to the Father.



There are times when we feel desperate to sit at the feet of Jesus. It is in those times that we began to grasp the willingness on God’s part to come down reach us to protect us . He is a  God who cares deeply and will come to our defense when we are being bothered by the anxieties of this world. (Mark 4:19) When we are undergoing intense trial or being bothered for His namesake , God takes it personal for “ he who touches you touches the apple of his eye” (Zechariah 2:8 compare with Acts 9:4) Mary had to go through an atmosphere of indignation and irritation because she was in pursuit of God. She did not allow another person’s misunderstanding of her or her service to the Lord to interfere with her worship of God. Likewise, we should be willing to offer the deep innermost part of ourselves to our loving Father who cares for us. God takes notice of us and the offering of ourselves as a living sacrifice and a fragrant oil to Him.

We have been bought at great cost -that cost being the precious blood of Jesus.  It is time for us breakthrough our alabaster box and begin to pour out ourselves to the Master.  He is a protector and He can care for our broken souls. There is much joy in knowing that the outpouring of ourselves to Him to be a beautiful thing!

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for protecting your people. We are grateful to be your children and that you find our worship to be a good and beautiful thing. Keep us in your care and prove to be our warrior King when life comes against us and makes us feel inadequate. You always fight for us in the bleakest of hours so we have full faith and confidence that you are a deliverer.We are forever grateful that you would come down from your throne just to sit with us !

In Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen!

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