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You Are Always There (A Prayer)

When I reach for you I feel an overwhelming sense of your mercy and grace

as you carry burdens I cannot bear:  So glad you are  always there

As a hen gathers her chicks you  gather me into your warm embrace

When  I am scared you fight my battles: So glad you always care

Throughout my struggles and disappointments, you have been a constant friend

I am weak but you make me strong with an overreaching  love that I can’t comprehend

You are a mighty King and a strong redeemer: So glad that you always protect us

in times of trouble, you show up as a strong defender: So glad that you are Justice.

The old passes away and we become new in the light of your presence

you take away our iniquities and press us into your love and forbearance

You the Almighty God who is, who was and always have been: So glad you are there

You released me from darkness  into light by your spirit within: So glad that you care

(Ephesians 4:1-2 NIV)

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