Soul Food With the Bread of Life

The Healing of a Wounded Sheep on a Broken Path- My Search for God (Part 1)

My search for God after the Jehovah’s Witness through mental health challenges. Agape.


“Hurry and get dressed!” my mother shouted from the upstairs room.”              I hope you bathed like I asked you to”.

It’s Sunday again and we were rushing to get dressed to go to the service at the Kingdom Hall. Despite all of our nightly preparations, somehow we were still running behind time.

“Come here so that I can fix your hair bow.”

My mother had a heavy hand when it came to grooming my hair so I tried to whimper very little so as to not to upset her.

“Did you pack your bag for the meeting?”

The routine for packing briefcases for the meetings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses varied and I loved my briefcase! It was a multi pocketed bag-  good for holding the many publications that the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses published. I put in my bag freshly printed magazines, my notepad…

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