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God’s Fingerprints…..

God’s fingerprints are all over our lives…. he weaves our lives together and causes intersections that we cannot deny. He works all things on our behalf to the good of those love him and are called according to the promise ( Romans 8:28) So we can rest in him knowing that everything we go through will work together. Thine WILL shall be done. As we walk according to the promise we remember that we do this because we love him. Though the Enemy may slay us in our efforts to serve God, yet shall we trust in the Lord God.( Job 13:15)

Anyone who claims to have understood the Infinite Creator has made a serious error. In fact, if you can in your brain, it is because you have made him too small. Trying to fit God into our way of thinking instead of allowing him to be the Lord of thinking can lead to nothing but frustration. His thoughts are much higher than our thoughts and his ways are higher than ours. If God were this finite than he would not be God at all. If God did not already work out what we have been trying to figure out then he would not be Lord YHWH of the Bible. In fact, when we reduce the Holy Father to a humanist view he no longer is God to us. Instead, we would be fashioning an idol of the God that we want to serve. Instead of serving the God and allowing him to fashioned us in His holy sight.

God still specializes in the impossible. If he is asking you to step out in faith and walk on water, believe that he is on the other side walking to meet you. Sometimes we do not trust God enough to not allow us to drown.  We may sink but we never will drown. God will always be there to lift us out of the troubled waters.

So let us walk in victory today! Knowing that God’s hand is upon us and that nothing escapes his notice. He will ease our troubled minds and bring comfort to our hearts. He is weaving our lives together into a perfect picture to bring Him honor and glory.






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