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Which Jesus Are You Following?

“Alot of people say they ‘follow Jesus’ or are a ‘Christian’. But which Jesus?
Is He the teddy bear Jesus who is never going to condemn anyone for anything ever? The one who brings peace, harmony, and good thoughts and feelings all the time, who wants us to be rich and comfortable? An ascended Master perhaps?
Or is he a religious type, who’s always looking to judge and point fingers?
Or is He an angel (like Jehovah’s witnesses believe), or our spirit brother (like Mormons believe)?
I’d start there.
*Who* is Jesus?
To me that’s the key.
He’s the Great I AM. The one who doesn’t bring peace but a sword in the name of the gospel that saves souls. The one who can save us from sin but as long as we acknowledge it and turn away from it, laying it as His feet knowing He’s holy and righteous and we are not. The one who is the *only* way… for He doesn’t just say He’s the Shepherd and His sheep hear His voice, but also says He’s the narrow path, meaning following Him is not always comfortable and feeling good.
Usually people with half foot in the world and half foot into following Jesus- because they’re afraid of judgment, giving up some sort of comfort etc- typically tend to doubt their salvation.
Another way to really know?… Is *love*.
And I don’t mean gushing over everyone in love, meaning trying to be ecumenical (combining all beliefs and basically saying there is no right or wrong and promoting peace instead of the gospel because we’re afraid of offending)
I mean loving *Jesus*. Do we love Him enough to follow Him? Do we think about Him all the time, wanting to learn more, wanting to talk about Him all the time, and do what He wants us to do? That’s what it comes down to isn’t it? *Loving God* with all our minds hearts and souls. For that is the greatest commandment. Then when we *do* what He says because we love Him, we bear good ‘fruit’. (good works)
So those that love Him hear Him. Those that know Him hear Him. It’s hard to listen and follow someone you aren’t head over heels in love with, and Jesus says that anyone who loves anyone or anything else more than Him isn’t worthy of Him.
Agape, Shannon

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