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He is a Protector!

Psalms 3

Written by Spencer Tyler

We can overcome our fear by trusting in God for his protection. David was running away from his own traitorous son, Absalom. David was at mercy of God when as many as 10,000 soldiers surrounded him at the time. (Psalm 65 may have been written when David was seeking refuge ( 2 Samuel 15-18)

When our situations are against us we may be tempted to feel that God is also against us . If a circumstance has turned against our favor, we should praise God like David did, in the middle of our trials too because God has already worked it out in our favor. ðŸ™ðŸ§¡


Prayer : Father in heaven  I thank you for being my protector, I trust you with all my being. I don’t deserve your love and your grace O’ God. I confess my own failings and lack of compassion and love. I  thank You, Father, that You forgive my failings over and over. I ask You to graciously give me a spirit of love and forgiveness that sees only the good in each other, that bears no grudges and forgives all grievances. May I learn to forgive even as You have forgiveness that we may live together in unity.  Forgive those who chase me in the night and those who have gathered their armies against men me. those 10,000 men oppose me day and night you are my refuge, God. I will praise you in the middle of the congregation and bear your holy name to declare your fame among all the nations.

In Jesus beautiful name. Amen.

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