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Forgive Them Father For They Do Not Know What They Do

One of the last phrases Jesus uttered on while on earth was: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” Jesus was begging for forgiveness on behalf of those that didn’t know they needed forgiveness at all. Jesus not only forgave us before we knew we needed forgiveness, but he also pleaded on our behalf to the Father.

Today we as imperfect humans often refuse to accept the apologies of each other, simply on the basis of it being an “empty apology”. We want people to understand how they’ve wronged us, the pain they’ve caused, and all the damage they’ve done….and only after they’ve shown sufficient empathy can the healing process begin.

How grateful we can be that our Lord Jesus Christ does not share a similar mindset!!!

The forgiveness He offered was free and without merit…He sought restoration for all

mankind, even while dying by their very hands.

By Simon T Zealot

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