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Preaching the Gospel to My Son- Our Superman, and The SuperGod!

To my onlyist , Dearest Son   #mommiesbabysquirrel

Our God Jehovah is One (Deut . 6:4)

Yeshua (Jesus) the  Messiah was a divine being sent from Jehovah the Father to the world because they both loved us so much ( John 3:16)
Yeshua is the Word and was with God in the beginning before time.
Yeshua pre-existed as the Word of God and He Himself was God. Yeshua is the Christ who was one with the Father.

Look for Him in the sky in the same manner that He left the world .
The Bible says that He will return in the same way!

He is more than A Super-man! He is The Super-GOD!

He coming back to save my world. To Save your world.


Our Mighty God and Hero of Fame -Yeshua the Christ!

By Spencer Tyler



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