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Shay’s Devotional Worship Prayer Mashup Mix- Psalm 4 “Rejoice in the Protection of God!”

As I reflected on this Psalm, I could not help but think of the many Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses that I talk to on a daily basis, who seek counsel or direction after leaving the religion. Many have been subject to  (or are currently facing)    judicial cases by the in-house court system of the religious leaders. As a result of those cases, many tell of the unfounded accusations brought against members and the lies designed to ruin your reputation among your peers and the Jehovah’s Witness community.

David’s was concerned about his reputation, and the groundless accusations and lies from others who would smear him in his time of trouble. But David knew that he could be sure of God’s protection, peace and the inner joy that comes from trusting God to be God of his situation. David was sure that God heard his cry and that the Lord set apart the godly for himself. (Psalms 4:3)We can draw strength from David’s example knowing that God cares about us even down to our reputation among others. God has taken notice of our cries and his eyes are upon the injustices that we faced just to seek Him and know Him. When we offer God the sacrifices our lips and our hearts with humble and contrite spirits, God takes notice. ( Hebrews 13:15).

We can be assured that God has bottled each one of our tears in his skin bottle and he will act justly on our behalf in the face of our enemies. ( Psalm 56:8) We continue to pray and love those who seek to do us harm as our Master and Lord Jesus showed us the way. May we look at our situation in the light of God’s power rather looking at God through the shadow of our problems. God is bigger than any situation or problem that is staring us in the face. He is Lord of all and He wants to be the Lord of our lives if we let go and allow Him to be God to us. Like David,  may God’s mercies continue to flow upon us as we remember that God still sits on the throne and is keeping close watch over us. May he serve as a protector in times of trouble and grant us peace beyond what can understand so that we can lie in His arms fully trusting Him and he makes our sleep sweet.

He will answer when I call

Prayer : Father, we thank you for your protection and guidance and we walk a path less traveled by our fellow Christian brothers and Sisters. Many of us O’ God, have left everything to follow you and to declare that you are God outside of the religious leaders who failed us. Some of us have abandoned you altogether because of major disappointments, spiritual abuse and being compromised emotionally in ways that only you know. Father, we deliver these circumstances up to you in the precious name of Jesus. You go before us and you fight our battles while we trust in your saving arm to deliver us out of a trial. You make our sleep peaceful and sleep as you stand watch over us in this spiritual warfare. Thank you, Lord God, for being our safety and refuge in times of trouble. Help us shed the shame and blame put upon us by those who seek to destroy us for your namesake. We hand such ones over to you and allow you to sort out their ways while trusting you to perfectly handle the brokenness of these circumstances. Thank you for being Lord of our lives! Thank you for sending your Son to show us how not to revile while being reviled. We praise you always Father in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit .


I love the words of God!

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