Healing Soul Food With the Bread of Life

Jesus Asks: “You Betray Me With A Kiss ?”

As I move through the process of forgiveness it dawns on me that I may never get over the offense and betrayal . However , I can get through it ! By seeking the face of the one who was was betrayal and had be offended by a dear follower and companion . Jesus being a man that can sympathize with our weakness must have felt deep betrayal when Judas turn him over to the authorities. He posed a question to Judas that is haunting today , He asked , “You betray me with a kiss?”,  (Luke 22:28). Jesus worked together with Judas as the labored in ministry to others. Judas ate and slept with our Lord and traveled together. Sometimes we are often betrayed by a companion who broke bread together with us , maybe it was a co-worker or even a partner in ministry. The deepest betrayals are deep because they may come from the person(s) closest to us .

“You Betray Me With A Kiss? “

It hurts when a friend compromises us emotionally by gossiping , saying a thoughtless word or even worse betrays our trust .( Proverbs 12:18)  The kiss of betrayal by such a friend can sting and leave us in sadness and it can also leave us in anger. What do we do with these emotions?

Jesus , troubled in spirit,  confronted the situation head on by telling all of the disciples that he knew that one of them would betray him .( John 13:21)  Jesus unlike us can see into the heart of man and I can only imagine what it was like knowing that Judas would betray him== – before it actually took place. I personally would not want such knowledge beforehand as tempting as it may be . 🙂 I think it would hurt worse knowing that this person is aware that I know that they will betray me . If the person followed this course even with this knowledge,  I would assume it is because this person did not love me or view me as I did them. To experience the heartbreak of my friend walking away from me with the knowledge of me knowing they are on the road to betray me in the worse way …. would almost be too much.

However, Jesus told him to go ahead and do what he had to do . He allowed his old companion to walk away from him . So , it is with me and you that if a person decided to walk away from us … let them walk . We cannot make them stay and if we try to force them to stay against even their better judgement or will , it can cause us a world of misery. How so ? Well the person has their reasons for wanting to go and making them stay they may began to feel as if they compromised. They can do nothing but bring misery and overstay their welcome in your season and in you life. Let God have his way. If they are meant to be in your life they will be . If not , bid them farewell , pray and hope that at some point the friendship could be reconciled. ( 1 Corinthians 13:7) Some people are only in our lives for a season . Our lives our not tied up into the destiny of the person choosing to walk away from us. If we cannot make amends, let them walk away…….

How do we move through the feelings of betrayal and mistrust ? By throwing our burdens on our best confidante Jesus Christ. He listens and understands what it is like to be human. Ask him according to his will for you . Ask  him to  help you let go hurt , un-forgiveness, toxic situations and toxic people. Talk to a trusted friend or spouse regarding your hurt feelings. If the situation cannot be mended and you still are hurting from its’ effects consider therapy. Half the battle is seeking God’s will and perspective on the matter before making any permenent decisions. Aligning our will with His and allowing his word to transform us and make us over and helps us to get a Godly perspective on handling complicated relationships and friendships.

Seek Jesus’ mind on the matters of you heart. Allow him to move you through the hurt and pain. That is what  I am trying to do . I realize that I have made a choice to forgive. I am not waiting on the other person. I want complete access to our Father and do not want risk hindering my own prayers. As I seek him I find rest , healing ,covering and resolve to move on and to move through the pain to get over and forgive.

Prayer : Jesus we thank you that you  have walked the paths of victory . So no matter what path we are on,  you can sympathize with us having been flesh like us. We offer the broken peaces of heart, failing flesh, and weaknesses. Help us to forgive like you and receive your  forgiveness to forgive ourselves. After we have done that ,Lord ,we ask that you put us on the path of forgiveness toward others. Our flesh may be weak but help us to remember that you your spirit is strong in us. Wipe our tears , mend our broken hearts and hear the brokenness of the words we utter toward you Father.  Thank you for your love . Thank you for sending your Son to die as a remission of our sins. We ask that you move to us  and through us as we love and forgive others the way you have loved and forgiven us. 

It is in Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.


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