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Hello Fellow XJayDubbers!☕

It takes incredible amount of strength to leave the Jehovah’s Witness religion . Especially if you were born into in because you have no friends or connections on the outside world.
It is the strict policy of the organization that we are ostracised by friends and relatives remaining within the organisation. Others who haven’t resigned or been kicked out have been harassed by the leaders.

Adjustment to the outside world is difficult. Many of us suffer from PTSD, and finding employment outside the religion, when you might have no formal qualifications or experience makes you extremely vulnerable.

In spite of all this many of us have gone on to write books, launched awesome YouTube channels , poured ourselves into activism to help other Jehovah’s witnesses and former Jehovah’s witnesses, found adequate employment, made new friends , enrolled in college, started families and so much more! We are doing things that weren’t possible before and reshaping our futures and the futures of our children and impacting future generations 🌻

If you are leaving or have recently left I have found a few tips that are helping me cope.

☕Don’t suppress your sadness or your memories. It helps to talk about the past with trusted friends or even channel your grief and memories into other things. For me, I write and read alot of books .

☕ I wish someone would have told me this next one but – but try not to “rebound” towards a new belief system right away to fill the gap. It is ok to give yourself time to re-evaluate your wants and needs. You are now open to thinking new thoughts and doing new things. It is very liberating! 🌻

☕Share your feelings with who will understand your disillusionment and doubts and not impose their own beliefs on you. There are many Ex-Jehovahs Witness recovery groups on Facebook where you can share your experiences, vent , and sort through your feelings.

☕ There are many books by former Jehovah’s witnesses that are therapeutic . Also, if you have access consider therapy after leaving.

For those of us who have left what are some things that have helped you in your journey?

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