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Getting Help To Leave The Jehovah’s Witnesses

Many of us after leaving Jehovah’s witnesses report suffering from depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, grief and other illnesses/disorders.

Leaving a religion such as the Jehovah’s witnesses opens up more opportunities for healthcare intervention without shame.

If you have access , please consider counseling before and after you leave. There is also a book by a former Jehovah’s witness called , “Cracking the Cult Code for Therapists: What Every Cult Victim Wants Their Therapist to Know.” It is handy guide to give to therapists who don’t have experience in dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are also many Ex-Jehovah’s witness support groups on Facebook where you can connect with other former Jehovah’s witnesses all over the world. The Recovering from Religion project has many resources including a hotline if you need to chat. You can reach them by calling 1-844-368-2848 or try the website at

My family friend was an excommunicated Jehovah’s Witness and killed himself over the shunning and intense loneliness that he felt because of it. There unfortunately other stories of Ex-Jehovah’s witnesses who have done the same.

Please always remember that you are not alone! You can survive this!

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