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“I Don’t Need You To Serve Jehovah”

I exclaimed those words to my mother years ago. She seemed shocked looked at me as if I was pitfully and blatantly worn. She tried to convince persuaisvely that I DID need her to serve Jehovah. That I must obey like I would God and that I would suffer the fate of the boys of Elijah’s day if I didn’t obey. ( In that story disrespectful children of God’s representative Elijah, were torn apart by she -bears ) . Like the religion I woke from my mother used fear tactics to keep me in line. This day I decided to stand up to my Mom’s drunken verbal abusive behavior that was usually follow by physical abuse or intimidation. When she was drinking , she would go on and on about the Jehovah’s witness life , ministry and the bible.

During one of our “talks”, I said the this statement to her. I cannot recall all of the circumstances around this but i do remember that it was during a time that I wanted to leave home so badly.. She always tried to coerce me or make me feel guilty about leaving her. I was the emotional eqivlaent of her husband and I resented her for that. She insisted that like my religous leaders , that leaving home the “wrong way” was like leaving the God of the Jehovah’s Witnesses…..

  • Excerpt from, The memoirs of a Crazy, Bipolar , Ex- Jehovah’s Witness Apostate Chick- By Spencer Tyler

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