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Ex- Jehovah’s Witness Men: Women Are STILL A Large Army…

This is still true.

So many of us have taken the charge in the Ex- Jehovah’s Witness Activist world. We have taken on leadership roles in the fight leading the charges at the Jehovah’s Witness Headquarters by organizing protest. We have developed a network of support by running Ex- Jehovah’s Witness meet up groups all over the world. We have support groups ran by us to cater to and support the needs of our fellow ex- Jehovah’s Witness comrades. Many of us spend late nights on the phone coordinating care and partnering other Ex Jehovah’s witnesses together to provide support. Those late nights also include encouraging , uplifting, and if you are an ex Jehovah’s Witness Christian, you spend nights praying over your fellow brethren in the ex Jehovah’s Witness community. If you are a woman in the Ex Jehovah’s Witness community you have probably encountered left over sexism and misogynistic ideas of Ex- Jehovah’s witness men. Men who have decided to transfer their “power” or the power structure in the Jehovah’s Witness community into the Ex-Jehovah’s Witness world.

As Jehovah’s Witnesses this charge was led by the men in the organization. However, because there were more women than men in most areas , the women responded to the call. Since the men in the organization are afforded many more “privileges” in running and upkeep of the kingdom halls ( churches) we took on the greater share of the preaching assignment from the organization. But we were voiceless. We could not be involved in decision making on how to carry out these assignments. We were not involve in the process in launching special preaching campaigns. In fact in the congregations we we required to be silent. The large army of Jehovah’s Witness women took somewhat of pride in doing most of the work required to grow the organization but expected no voice or representation when it came to handling matters within the organization. Women being a large army simply meant there were more field hands to carryout the assignments in field service.

We are a large army even when we are small in number because women have a place and an unapologetic loud voice in our community. We will no longer by used by men , organizations or groups to advance their agendas which do not include us. To those men in the Ex- Jehovah’s Witness community who bulk at this idea of an age of accountability and brush it off as feminism ( as if that is necessarily a bad thing) please be on notice that it is not.

We are tired. We are tired of not being recognized for our achievements, hard work and tears that we pour into the Ex-Jehovah’s Witness community. We will not be silent because we don’t have to be. We don’t have to “know our place” because our place is shouldering the work of activism side by side with you not behind you. We soundly rejected the indoctrination of the men of our former organization teaching us that we must submit to our husbands in all things and submit to the husbands of other women just because they had a leadership role in the organization. We are more than “helpers” we are leaders. It also goes without saying that if you “screw” with one of us women you screw with us who stand against misogyny, sexism and promoting of such things or tacitly endorsing them.

Yes , women are a large army. But now we can also command that army in this arena. We will not be bound to the oppressive ways of the organization ran by men in any way. That includes those men who have left the organization but the organization hasn’t quite left you yet. You will be held in account for the way that you treat us.

Women let us take pride in our new voice. The voice that was not given us but we had to fight for. Let us continue using it for good and the betterment of the community and to continue helping those new and old leave the organization that both men and women courageously fight on the front lines for!

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