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Help For Teenage Jehovah’s Witnesses Looking To Leave The Organization

I am starting to get more heart breaking messages from teenage Jehovah’s Witnesses looking to leave the organization. They are getting younger and younger and the messages are more frequent since quarantine. My daughter is having a tough time so I can’t imagine what Jehovah’s Witness kids are going through 😪

I know from experience what having Jehovah’s Witness parents are like. I was kicked out from my house with nowhere to go and slept in my car and bounced from a cousins house (who was Jehovah’s Witness but not going to the hall)until I found a place to live. This happened after I was disfellowshipped . My parents were embarrassed because I was a pioneer and was livid that I had “gotten in trouble”. My experience is not unique. There are many stories of homeless Jehovah’s Witness kids who end up homeless and shunned as if they are dead by family and friends . The offenses can range from disobeying a policy of the organization, to coming out as LGBTQ or disagreeing with the organization.

My best advice if you are at home 🏡 and are having doubts about the organization is to make new friends outside the organization. Jehovah’s Witnesses are forbidden from doing so but this is important if you were a kid like me. I had zero friends outside the organization and all my family were mostly Jehovah’s Witnesses and I rarely socialized with non Witness family.

If you can, secure employment, go to college even though its discouraged or get a trade before you leave. If you are researching the organization use an alias and clear your search history preferably use a tor browser(I had a recent instance where a Jehovah’s Witness was outed to family who threatened him because they found his communications witn ex Jehovah’s witnesses. They turned this person in to the elders who interrogated this person )


I didn’t have the ex Jehovah’s community when I left because I had no idea they existed. However, we stand ready to help in our small international, tight knit but effective community.💜

One of the messages I have recieved from young Jehovah’s Witness kids looking to leave the organization.

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