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It’s Not You, Its God.

Hey, it’s not you… its God.

For the record I think that I broke up with religion before I broke up with the God that it led me to.

I had a few thoughts today. The appeal of church or a kingdom hall is that it is a place of healing and transformation. It is a place where you can start over and heal the world through your religious experiences and testimony. It is a place to connect with others and a higher purpose through worship of a god. But what happens though when religion is bruising and more damaging than healing and transformative?

As a former Jehovah’s Witness many who have left will tell you that our leaders weaponized scripture and religion to keep the “flock” in line. When I ventured off to churches after leaving that high control religious community I found that some other churches did the same. This can do wonders on your psyche.

What I am talking about is more than church hurt. What happens when the place that is supposed to heal you is the source of pain?

I’d like to think that it was not trauma or pain that led to my dissonance or crisis of conscience regarding matters of faith.

Sometimes……….. I am not so sure though.

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