The XJayDub Cafe

Hello Fellow XJayDubbers☕️

I wanted to create a safe place for having exited the Jehovah’s Witness and those thinking about exiting the Jehovah’s Witnesses. A place where we can begin healing, be inspired to move on in our lives and partner with others on our journey.

There are already many Ex-Jehovah’s Witness groups and pages where you can vent and get updates on the latest with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you need help finding them let me know and I would be more than happy to point you to some of my favorite groups or pages.

My vision for this space is positive affirmations, chatting about almost anything 😀 kitchen table topics and deconstructing from religion. You will find my not-secret-diary posts, information about our future podcast and Youtube channel, inspiring messages and even short stories (some are JW related🌻) I want us to share our hobbies, pictures and use this as our creative space. We were told so often that our life would be over if we left the religion. We are proof that is simply not true!

So grab your coffee (or whichever beverage you prefer 🍻🍵☕️🥤 ) and chill with fellow Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses like you!

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Mukbangs Coming and Makeup Tutorials coming soon

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